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23rd April 2012


This is what I want…

Right now I wouldn’t mind someone cooking a big home cooked meal just for me, then cuddle up, have some drinks and maybe even smoke a blunt and watch some comedy movies… That would work wonders….

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25th January 2012

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An interesting question…

Someone asks me, “what’s your perfect girl?”. I honestly haven’t been asked this question in years. This is a question young teens ask each other. I should know the answer right?? My answer is, there is no such thing as a perfect person. If a person was perfect and did everything you want, then would that really be fun? Would there be any spice to it? However, I do have a Dream Girl though… Here’s my list
Dream Girl :
* Honesty… This is a must. I don’t need a liar or a sneaky bitch who just wants to play games.
* Trust… Not only do I have to be able to trust you, but you have to be able to trust me. By the way its bullshit how you “earn” trust. In my eyes, you start with my full trust and its your job to keep it that way and vice versa.
* Loyal… I’m the guy that goes to the end of the world for a female if she’s making me happy. So I want that in return.
* Great sense of humor… At the end of the day, I’m a big ass kid. Yes I know when to be serious but, I love to joke around and just have a good time.
* Smell good… This is a must!! Perfume, lotion, body spray, ya hair gotta smell good too!!
* Able to drink… I’m older now so when I go on dates it shouldn’t be limited to movies and dinner. She needs to be able to accompany me for a drink or two and not get wasted and act up.
* Independent… Of course I would like to be a main focus in your life but you need your own life as well. I have my own life. You should be able to go out with friends and enjoy yaself as should I without any arguments. Yes give me my time but also please have your time as well
* Work… Yes a man should be the money maker of a relationship I agree but the calendar doesn’t. This is 2012 and its fine for a female to work. Yes I liked being taken out once in a while too.
* Outgoing/Open minded… Has to be up for anything. I’m the type of guy who I like getting creative. I like doing shit you see in movies. So don’t look at me like a dick if I deadass set-up a picnic in the park.
* Style-ish… Don’t get me wrong I find it sexy when a girl has no make-up on with sneakers and sweats. Basketball shorts and a long t-shirt is also sexy to me. But as a everyday thing? Nooo. Casual, City-ish, heels, jeans, cardigans, sweaters and dress’. I’m not into the “hood” look. Don’t match ya belt with ya tight ass t-shirt and sneakers.
* Beautiful… I’m a big guy so I’m not into big girls sorry. Just not my type. Slim, soft skin, big beautiful eyes, nice lips… Curly hair is soo fucking sexy to me, not a must tho. A banging ass smile. :-)
* Down to earth… A woman that can hold a convo. Up for anything. Doesn’t judge.
* Loving… Like I said before, sometimes I can be a big baby so I love random hugs and kisses.
* Be able to put me in my place… First off I would never take advantage of a girl, but if I ever get out of line, I want her to put my ass in place asap! Let me know I’m fucking up.

That’s my dream girl. Is this too much to ask??

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